Roasted Coffee

If you are considering opening a new coffee shop or would like to improve your current one, you may consult with our wholesale team. we are capable from providing fresh roasted beans, educating baristas and the experience to run a functional coffee shop. we understand the passion in coffee, but running a coffee shop may not be everyone's speciality. We can offer you the following services to ensure you coffee shop runs smoothly:

  • Layout of your coffee shop
  • Where to invest on equipment and machinery
  • Barista training
  • Freshly roasted beans provision
  • Raise standards of coffee and quality control
  • Technical service and support
Our wholesales staff are SCAE certified, established and experienced in the coffee industry and our goal is to aid your coffee shop in any manner needed.

Green Coffee

Wether you are looking for a 60kg bag or a complete pallet, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality green coffee from around the world. Drop us an email to find out what green coffees are on our offerings list.